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"More Saving, More Doing" |The Home Depot

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

An e-mail campaign hits before the holiday season and helps solve the 'honey, our kitchen needs a face-lift and fast' conundrum!


Proposed Target Market:

-Probably all homes within a 8-10 mile radius of a Home Depot store, AND for those need a new appliance, AND who think Black Friday is the best idea since the smart phone AND are attracted to 'Instant savings" AND who don't own a pick-up truck with a lifting gate to haul a behemoth box to their house AND hope to make the 'honey-do' list go away, if not for a little while.

Included Offer:

-The orange and bling apron wearing crew at THD almost threw in the kitchen sink on this one. Lots of incentives to drop that fried turkey leg and run to the closest store on Friday at 2am and pick up a nice side-by-side fridge to store all the leftovers you'll have, because you didn't have time to eat more because you were running to THD to buy a new fridge. Offers include:

1. Black Friday savings up to 40% off

2. Instant savings up to $600, if you buy 6 or more appliances (question: does a chip paint brush count as an appliance?)

3. No Rebate

4. No Hassle (versus the usual hassle of trying to find someone in a Home Depot to answer your question?)

5. Free Delivery (what about hauling my old broken down, greasy, scratched up stove away with the semi-living, unidentifiable growth underneath?)


Why we like this e-mail ad:

Honestly, besides The Home Depot, the only other e-mail ad I usually open, apart from 'see who is looking at you on LinkedIn' is, 'free gold-today only' ads. I am a DIY'er and 'shop' THD pretty consistently. So they will usually get an 'open' from me.

That being said, this ad does a couple of smart things:

-Timing: the last 30-45 days of the year are like a feeding frenzy for retail, so why shouldn't THD get a disproportionate share of my hard earned bucks?

-Simplicity: THD Appliances = Savings

-Lots of offers: one or more of these incentives are bound to snag someone needing appliances....does anyone besides Bill Gates buy this stuff when it's not on sale?


What we would change in this ad:

My only question is, "What about those double asterisks right after the "FREE DELIVERY" box? I searched for the "**" note and couldn't find there a catch, does the small print indicate a minimum of 3 hours waiting in line in your pajamas outside your Home Depot with your drunk uncle are required to get these Black Friday Savings?........we may not know until the doors open on Friday morning!

How we rate this ad based on the following criteria:

-Creative: Simple, clear, says what it means Rating: 3 oranges

-Offer: Various, bound to snag with one of the 3-4 hooks Rating: 3 oranges

-Targeting: Everybody who has flooded the kitchen with a dishwasher gone bad, or whose self-cleaning oven just won't self clean anymore probably got this e-mail Rating: 3 oranges


​Now it's your turn...Juiced or Not Juiced?

This blog gives YOU the opportunity to vote your choice of ‘sweet’ (good) or “bitter” (bad) on the marketing piece we just reviewed.If the piece hits all 3 of the key criteria above (i.e. creative, offer, targeting) vote 3 oranges. If the piece totally missed, vote 1 bitter orange. And if you thought the piece was 'JUICED' vote 5 oranges. .

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