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Customer Analysis and Profiling Case Study

by Brooks Integrated Marketing

BrooksIM clarifies a plastic surgery’s ‘best customer’ profile and finds thousands of similar prospects nearby

Executive Summary

BrooksIM preformed an analysis of a high-profile plastic surgery practice client list creating a “best customer” profile, and then identifies similar prospects for targeted marketing efforts to accelerate revenue



This plastic surgery practice and spa enjoyed revenue growth for several years, achieving significant profit, but had recently decelerated.  The practice is located in a relatively affluent area and has an excellent reputation, performing a variety of cosmetic procedures. Having plateaued, ownership was uncertain of who to target with upcoming efforts and needed to define high potential prospects.  The practice had not performed an insightful assessment of their data in the past few years.


What We Did

STEP 1-BrooksIM and the practice signed confidentiality agreements, as well as HIPPA compliance documents, to assure patient information security.  BrooksIM then accessed the practices’ client records for the past 3+ years. Information included patient gender, age, address, number of practice visits, revenue/visit, type of procedure and more.  Client’s name and SS numbers were deleted prior.

STEP 2-Organization of data proceeded an in-depth review of client data.  The information was summarized and presented to ownership with some misconceptions identified and factually addressed.  A clear picture of the current situation was presented from a geographic, revenue, age, gender, customer visit cycle, household demographics view.  A customer segmentation review was performed, including creation of a ‘best customer’ profile. Additionally, BrooksIM identified opportunity areas for office staff to capture more relevant and valuable client data. 

STEP 3-Leveraging the ‘best customer’ profile, BrooksIM accessed various B2C databases to capture addresses of high potential ‘like customers’ in the practice geography.  Additionally, BrooksIM suggested additional nearby geographies where the practice could consider both marketing efforts, as well as incremental practice locations. 


STEP 4- Using this prospect data, and better understanding the customer journey, BrooksIM was also asked to create a multi-channel marketing campaign for the practice to ‘test’.  The multi-channel approach helps reach high potential prospects via the media they consume including; social media, e-mail marketing and direct mail. Direct mail executional elements reinforce the professional messaging of the practice, the physician’s’ expertise and ultimate outcomes using high-impact ‘before’ and ‘after’ photography.  Various metrics were established to monitor the impact of the campaigns through each media channel.

Examples of Output

The following are a few examples of the BrooksIM summary:


Ownership commented that the summary and information was extremely eye-opening and actually refuted several misperceptions held by practitioners.  The review gave them a very clear picture of where the practice is footed and where significant opportunities for growth are located, which they will pursue.  The marketing campaign will go into market test in January 2020; parallel with new years’ resolutions.

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