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Orange Juice


Dedicated to enlightening commentary and perspective on the best and worst of direct marketing including; direct mail, social, e-mail and more!

Here's how it works:

Each week, we complement, deliberate or rip direct marketing efforts that catch our attention, for your edification, education and thoughtful response. Why? Our business provides highly targeted customer acquisition data to direct marketers so they can better reach high potential prospects.  We pay attention to this stuff by supporting good work and ‘junking’ bad pieces in the hope that they don't land in our mail box, in-box or social media feed again.

Why a Juice Blog:

You’ve heard of ‘juice bars’, but why a “juice blog"?  Because we live and work in Florida (the largest orange producing state for orange juice in the U.S.),  and we wanted to celebrate the awesome state we get to enjoy every day (weather, beaches, 85° in February, boating, kayaking etc.).
Additionally, this blog gives you the opportunity to rank your choice for 'Juiced' (great) or 'Not Juiced' (bad) direct marketing pieces we review.  Simple click on your choice of the orange ranking at the end of each blog. 

Our motto: Sharper targeting, Better content, Stronger offers, Accelerated marketing ROI !

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