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What We Do

what we do

DELIVER targeted prospect lists that help you be awesome

CLEAN up your existing customer list through proper data hygiene best practices

ENHANCE your prospect list by adding demographic segments
(1,000+ available) for optimized targeting

REACH more prospects by adding (appending) accurate mail
addresses, e-mail, phone, mobile, social media

ACQUIRE more great customers with customized profiles

We help you get more from your marketing investment with highly accurate prospect lists and more for direct mail,

e-mail, social media and telemarketing.



who we are

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ProspectsIM is here to take the hassle out of getting great prospect lists. We strive to provide transparency and insight to deliver awesome customer data at the lowest price in a couple of days. Powered by BrooksIM, we are changing the ways organizations can acquire customer data that can accelerate their results.
Who We Are
Who We Serve

who we serve




How We're Different

how we're different

Quick turnaround, usually 24-48 hours

25+ years experience in marketing and data optimization

We provide insightful info, not just data lists

We make the experience of data selection and ordering, painless

You can schedule a free consultation; we love to help address our clients’ needs and opportunities

At ProspectsIM we are marketers, so we look at data as a tool to accelerate your results

We guarantee our prices and our quality

Pay nothing until you approve our quote for awesome info!

let's connect

There are three ways you can connect with us! You can ORDER NOW, schedule your free consultation, or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

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